Best Budget Compound Bow 2020 [5 Top Choices]

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The archery market has become very competitive in the past decade, with many new compound bows being released.

While this gives archers plenty of choices, it can also make finding the right bow a little confusing! There are hundreds of bows, designed for different activities and skill levels.

The build-quality of each bow can vary greatly and finding the right bow can take some time.

To help you find the perfect compound bow, this guide will offer some essential compound bow buying tips. Then, we’ll share 5 of the best budget compound bows on the market.

These bows have been carefully tested by our expert team and will deliver great performance at an affordable price!

Top 3 Budget Compound Bows

Leader Accessories

Leader Accessories
  • DRAW WEIGHT: 30 - 55 lbs
  • DRAW LENGTH: 19" - 29"
  • SPEED: 296 FPS

Genesis Original

Genesis Original
  • DRAW WEIGHT: 10 - 20 lbs
  • DRAW LENGTH: 15" - 30"
  • SPEED: 170 FPS

SAS Rage

SAS Rage
  • DRAW WEIGHT: 55 - 70 lbs
  • DRAW LENGTH: 26" - 30"
  • SPEED: 270 FPS

Choosing the Right Compound Bow

Here are some simple tips to help you find the right compound bow for your requirements...

How will you be using your bow?

Compound bows are typically used for recreational target shooting, archery tournaments, and hunting. Each of these activities require different qualities in the bow.

You may require a bow that is more adaptable to the changing conditions they encounter while in the wilderness and one that is very powerful, camouflaged, and capable of functioning in extreme weather.

If you are more of a recreational user then you may be looking for a bow that is easy to use and does not require regular maintenance.

Then you might opt for a bow compound bow that has a lower draw weight. When evaluating the qualities of each bow, think about the ways that you will be using it.

Make sure to choose one with your ideal draw length in mind

The draw length refers to the distance that the bow string can be pulled back from the bow before it stops.

It is important to find a composite bow that allows you to adjust the draw length to suit your personal preferences.

If the draw length is too short, your accuracy may suffer and you may find it difficult to put enough power into your shots.

On the other hand if it's too long, you may have trouble using the bow’s sight and it may cause back pain from forcing the body into an awkward position when firing.

And of course the draw weight...

The draw weight refers to how hard it is to pull back the bow string. The heavier the draw weight, the more speed you can obtain on the projectile.

Projectile speed is particularly important for some types of sports archery and hunting.

You may wish to buy a bow that can accommodate a very high bow draw weight if you are using your compound bow for either of those purposes.

The bow's overall length will be important...

Compound bows come in a wide variety of lengths. Longer bows are usually more stable and offer greater accuracy, but they can be difficult to handle in some situations.

If you are hunting with the bow, you may prefer something more compact, so you can navigate rough terrain and climb trees with it.

If you are only performing target shooting, a longer bow may be a better option.

The noise of the bow is a factor as well...

Compound bows have a number of components that can make noise when you shoot. This may be an issue if you are using the bow for hunting.

Some models have vibration dampeners on the bow, which are designed to reduce vibration and noise.

Dave's Picks - 5 of the Best Budget Compound Bows

We have performed extensive tests on a wide range of budget compound bows released in the past 5-years.

From those tests, we have chosen five budget compound bows that are well-built, durable, and enjoyable to use. These options will give you years of use and provide excellent value-for-money.

1. Leader Accessories Compound Bow

This is an excellent entry-level hunting bow that can achieve very fast projectile velocities that make it capable of taking down a deer or other wild game.

This bow comes with a fiber optic sight, release aid, drop away arrow rest, string loop and wax.

Two 30” aluminum arrows are also included.

The axle to axle distance is 28” and the let-off is 70%.

At 3.3 lbs it is quite lightweight.

This bow is highly adjustable and can be used by teenagers or adults.

  • DRAW WEIGHT: 30 - 55 lbs
  • DRAW LENGTH: 19" - 29"
  • SPEED: 296 FPS

2. SAS Rage 70 lbs 30" Bow

Southland Archery Supply has a reputation for building budget compound bows that are of a very high quality.

The SAS Rage is no exception!

It is a great choice for archers with some experience who want to improve their accuracy and gain more power in their shots.

The materials used to make this bow are high-quality, with a compressed ABS limb that is lightweight and capable of putting a lot of force into projectiles.

It is a great-looking bow, with a stylish riser.

  • DRAW WEIGHT: 55 - 70 lbs
  • DRAW LENGTH: 29" - 30"
  • SPEED: 270 FPS

3. Barnett Vortex 45 lbs Youth Camo Bow

Barnett is a reputable bow manufacturer that has been in business for more than 50 years.

They sell a wide range of bows, from pro-level sports bows through to beginners bows.

The Barnett Vortex is a youth archery bow that is designed for young hunting enthusiasts.

It is lightweight, compact and has a low draw weight so it is easy to use.

The bow has a flexible design which allows settings to be changed without a bow press — handy for when you are in the wilderness hunting.

It is constructed to ATA/AMO standards and comes with a five-year limited warranty.

  • DRAW WEIGHT: 19 - 45 lbs
  • DRAW LENGTH: 22" - 27"
  • SPEED: 270 FPS

4. Genesis Original

The Genesis Original Bow is a very popular bow that is used in many schools.

It is also the official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP®).

The Genesis Original Bow is an excellent starter bow for children but it can also be used by adults.

It has a draw length and draw weight that can accommodate people of all ages.

It includes a sturdy aluminum 6061-T6 aluminum riser, aluminum cam and durable composite limbs.

The single cam design is simple, reliable and easy to maintain.

It is a fairly quiet bow with low levels of recoil and has been built with flexibility in mind and can be altered to suit archers of different heights, reaches and strengths.

While this bow is designed for target shooting, it can also be used for hunting and it is available in a camouflage design.

  • DRAW WEIGHT: 10 - 20 lbs
  • DRAW LENGTH: 15" - 30"
  • SPEED: 170 FPS

5. Diamond Atomic Youth Model RH Bow Package

This bow is targeted at first-time composite bow shooters who are interested in hunting or archery.

It is highly adjustable, allowing it to be used by children and some adults.

This bow comes with a three-pin sight, capture-style arrow rest, and three-arrow quiver.

The dual cams are very smooth and the bow is comfortable to use.

Construction is of a very high quality and the bow comes with a limited manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

  • DRAW WEIGHT: 6 - 29 lbs
  • DRAW LENGTH: 12" - 24"
  • SPEED: 296 FPS

We hope you enjoyed out guide to the best budget compound bows!  These bows are high-quality and will deliver years of enjoyment.

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