Best Hiking Gear of 2019

Hiking Gear Checklist

Sure, you can have a great hiking experience with just the clothes on your back and shoes on your feet but if you want to truly enjoy the great outdoors having the best hiking gear is going to take your trail excursion to the next level.

There are plenty of great day hiking tips to consume and one of the best is to cross items off your hiking gear checklist to ensure you are not forgetting anything essential.

We’re talking items such as:

Backpacks for hiking - Yes, these are different than ones you would seek out if you are going backpacking.

We prefer ones that include space for a hydration bladder and just enough room to pack snacks and a rain jacket for those ‘just in case’ moments.

Hiking headlamps - Of course you may not plan on hiking overnight but always prepare for the unexpected.

Plus, some hikes may require that you start before the sun comes up. Hint...these are the fun ones!

GPS tracker for hiking - These come in the form of either handheld gps or gps watches.

Garmin is the industry leader this field so you typically cannot go wrong with one of their devices.

Outdoor hammocks - You never know when you will want to take a break on a like hike so you might as well come prepared to rest in style.

Most likely you are going to come across some amazing views and you will be glad you decided to bring that hiking hammock in your daypack.

First-aid kit for hiking - Space is at a premium in your day hike backpack so you will want to see out a compact first-aid kit that includes the essentials such as:

Antiseptic wipes, antibacterial ointment, assorted bandages, gauze pads, blister treatment (trust me on that one), and pain-relief medication just to name a handful.

Water filtration - No, I’m not suggesting you bring along your Brita pitcher but instead a portable water filtration system such as the LifeStraw or one of the various Sawyer Products systems.

You never know what kind of bacteria can be in that clear mountain stream so play it safe.

Map and compass - What happens if your gps tracker decides not work on your hike?

You better have a fallback plan and nothing works better than the old school combination of a map and compass.

Of course you will want to know how to read the map and use the compass so here is a great video from the experts at REI to get you started.

Camera - No doubt you plan on capturing the scenery during your hike.

Bringing along a camera for hiking would be item numero uno to include but once again space is going to be a consideration.

Our go-to camera if we are pressed for room is the GoPro Hero8 Black. Being able to snap photos and record amazing 4k video is a cinch with this uber compact device.

Of course having a nice Canon dslr with a couple lenses never hurts either.

There you have it...

An essential hiking gear checklist that will have you saying Hello Trail fully prepared each and every time.

Next we will answer everyone’s other burning question - What to wear hiking?

But before you go make sure to read the latest hiking gear reviews below...

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