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The Boston Mines, on the Mayflower Gulch trail, are fun to explore while on one of the best hikes in Frisco CO.

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View these tranquil springs by hiking in Missouri state parks like Ha Ha Tonka.

8 Best Missouri State Parks for Hiking

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Overlooking the colorful trees during Fall while in Shawnee National Forest

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The Flatirons near in Boulder, CO - HelloTrail

10 MUST DO Hikes Near Boulder Colorado

Explore these 10 hikes around Boulder Colorado on your next visit to the area. You won’t be disappointed when you venture onto the Royal Arch Trail, Mount Sanitas Trails, Bear…
Andrew's Eddie Bauer hiking shirt made with 42% polyester - HelloTrail

Is Polyester Good for Hiking?

The short answer is YES! When it comes to making hiking clothes recommendations polyester is a great fabric to look for. Some key benefits are…