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11 Cities and Towns Near Rocky Mountain National Park

It’s one thing to open up your maps apps to see what towns are near Rocky Mountain National Park, but since Andrew and I actually lived in the Denver area, I figured I would make it easier for you and highlight some of the best locations.
Are hiking socks necessary - I think so, especially after a sandy hike in Utah

Are Hiking Socks Necessary? (Hint: We Think So!)

No, hiking socks are not necessary, BUT they will provide additional comfort and blister protection that normal socks will not. The benefits of hiking socks are that they are better at wicking moisture from wet feet and are more durable than your everyday sock.
The Flatirons near in Boulder, CO - HelloTrail

10 MUST DO Hikes Near Boulder Colorado

Explore these 10 hikes around Boulder Colorado on your next visit to the area. You won’t be disappointed when you venture onto the Royal Arch Trail, Mount Sanitas Trails, Bear Peak Trails and others.