Bow Hunting is the practice of hunting game animals (turkey, deer, bear, rabbits, and pheasant for example) by archery. This kind of hunting requires a lot of skill as it is dependent on a person’s individual ability as well as what animal the hunter is targeting.

The success of this hunting style also depends on how strong the bow is, the terrain, the arrow, and the hunter. There are a couple of methods that a hunter can incorporate when they are bow hunting.

“Still hunting” is one method that a bow hunter can use when they are hunting. When they incorporate this method of hunting with bows the hunter walks along the ground at a slow pace, searching for game, and stalks it carefully during the final approach.

The hunter will regularly wear camouflage clothing and they will walk upwind (with the wind blowing in their face) so the game around them cannot smell them.

When a hunter goes “stand hunting,” they wait for the game to come to them. They usually put their stand up by water, food, or known trails.

Brush and other natural materials can be used for cover or a “ground blind” that looks like a camouflage tent can be used. They usually “pop” up and can be set up in just a matter of minutes.

The hunter can wait on a metal or wooden stand elevated in a tree, from three to six meters. There are quite a few tools that a hunter can use when they are hunting with bows.

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