When we lived in Hurricane and Washington, Utah, driving around Zion, there were no shortages of spectacular views around every corner. So if you are looking for unique places to stay near Zion National Park, you’re in luck because we found seven you might want to go ahead and book today!

Whether you want to go glamping for the first time, stay in a covered wagon, sleep in a tiny home on the edge of a cliff, or experience a farm stay, keep reading because we’re about to take you on a journey to your next unforgettable Zion experience.

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Glamping Spots

Under Canvas

Under Canvas Zion is a collection of canvas glamping tents just 30 minutes from the main entrance to Zion National Park. You will enjoy views of towering cliffs within the Kolob Terrace Rd. section of Zion, and the most stars you’ve ever seen at night.

Before booking your unique glamping stay at Under Canvas, one thing to keep in mind is that the Zion location is only open until November 7th this year – 2022. Under Canvas Zion will reopen in 2023 on March 9th and remain open until Nov. 6th.

Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort

Zion Ponderosa is more than a unique place to stay near Zion. It is a fantastic experience. The Zion Ponderosa glamping tent locations within the Resort are outfitted with beds, a futon couch, a heating stove, and warm finishing touches.

The canvas tents might look like you are roughing it, but they don’t call it glamping for no reason. Well, you don’t get your own bathroom, so in a way, that is giving up some creature comforts.

The Zion Ponderosa Ranch is located 8 miles from Zion National Park’s East Entrance at 6500 ft. elevation, so it can get chilly outside of summer.

Zion Wildflower Resort

The Zion Wildflower Resort glamping tents have a unique style while serving up memorable scenery. Zion Wildflower Resort is another location that uses Kolob Terrace Rd. as its home and is just 20 minutes from Zion’s main entrance.

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Tiny Home Stays

Ark Tiny House

The following four tiny homes, including the Ark Tiny House, are all within a 75-acre location owned by the same people and no surprise here – off Kolob Terrace Rd.

The Tiny Oasis is only 16 miles from Zion National Park’s main entrance. Even closer are some of the less crowded hikes in Zion. Head up Kolob Terrace Rd., and in under 10 minutes, you will be at one of our favorites, Left Fork Trailhead.

Guardian Angel Tiny House

Like the rest of the Tiny Oasis tiny homes, the Guardian Angel has a hot tub and fire pit. All of the tiny houses are well spaced out, so you feel like you have your own ‘oasis’ – get it.

If the unique décor of the other tiny homes isn’t your thing, then the Guardian Angel is the one to book. With a simplistic but refined look and feel, you will be more than comfortable soaking in the views during your entire visit.

Mother Eve Tiny House

The next two Tiny Oasis homes take the word unique to a new level! With a pseudo-hobbit-like look, a gazebo over the hot tub and chairs, and furnishings adorned with theme-appropriate decorations, you might not want to leave the Mother Eve Tiny House.

King Solomon Tiny House

Just as enticing as Mother Eve, the King Solomon tiny house is fit for royalty. And when you want to stay near Zion Nation Park in style, this tiny home will be the envy of all your friends when you show them the pics after your stay!

The Dwellings

The Dwellings in La Verkin, UT, are new tiny homes built next to the River Rock Roasting Company and will take you around 30 minutes to get to the main entrance of Zion National Park. What makes The Dwellings unique is that they built multiple different layouts on the side of a cliff overlooking the Virgin River.

Of the six layouts, the ‘dwelling’ we would choose is the On the Edge Dwelling. The nice size balcony on this 300 sq. ft. tiny home will give you the feeling of living life on the edge, but rest assured the cement piers are doing their job!

The Dwellings tiny homes in La Verkin Utah - HelloTrail.com
The Dwellings in La Verkin look out over the Virgin River

I mentioned what The Dwellings were located next to for a reason. You WILL want to grab a bite to eat, or at the very least, a cup of coffee at River Rock Roasters. River Rock Roasting was one of our favorite local places for lunch when we lived in the area, and I’m confident you will enjoy it too.

Covered Wagons

Zion Wildflower Resort

If you ever wanted to feel like you were living in the 1800s, staying in a covered wagon at Zion Wildflower Resort will transport you back in time – cue Back to the Future music. Fortunately, these covered wagons have been upgraded on the inside, and the views outside will take your mind off any luxuries you might be missing.

Zion Ponderosa Conestoga Wagons

The Zion Ponderosa Ranch gets fancy with its wagon terminology, using the more official and specific style of a covered wagon, Conestoga. With recreation opportunities abound within the ranch’s property and only 15ish minutes from Zion’s East Entrance, the Zion Ponderosa Conestoga wagon stay will have you feeling like a true pioneer in no time.

Zion Backcountry Sheep Camps

The Zion Backcountry Sheep Camps is a unique place to stay near Zion National Park without the glitz and glam and off the beaten path. The Zion Backcountry covered wagons were literally used in camps as sheep moved from pasture to pasture. How cool is that!!

You only have between mid-May and mid-October to book your stay with Zion Backcountry Glamping, so plan ahead. Also, access is NOT via a paved road, so if you have doubts about your vehicle, contact Zion Backcountry first.

Backcountry Yurt

Zion Backcountry Yurt

If a sheep camp is too old-timey for you, maybe a yurt under the stars suits you better. If so, Zion Backcountry Glamping’s yurt is where you want to hang your hat after a long day at Zion. Even though the yurt is around 18 miles from Zion National Park’s East Entrance, it will take you close to an hour to get there.

Zion Backcountry Glamping's yurt looking towards Zion National Park
If you want a remote unique place to stay near Zion this backcountry yurt has your name written all over it!


Zion Ponderosa Cabin Suites

If you haven’t caught on by now, Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort is enormous, and they have many lodging options for your visit to Zion National Park. Among your pick of unique places to stay are the Zion Ponderosa cabins.

With three different cabin configurations, sleeping between 4-6, not to mention the glamping or wagon options, you should be able to find something to suit your discerning taste.

Zion Wildflower Resort Cabins and Bungalows

I know staying in a nice tent or modern wagon isn’t for everyone, so if you need a little more luxury when you visit Zion National Park, check out Zion Wildflower Resort’s cabins and bungalows.

All the cabins and bungalows have private decks, making stargazing much more effortless. Plus, who wants to use a community bathroom on vacation, so you might as well splurge a little!

Farm Stay

Copper Creek Farm

I grew up around farms and worked on them as a kid, so when farm stays first started becoming a ‘thing’, I thought, ‘what’s the big deal’. Then I realized there’s a bunch of fine folks like yourself that haven’t been able to experience what it is like to get fresh eggs out of the chicken coop, make your salad from the vegetables out back, or get milk from the source.

So if you want to know what that is like, or be reminded of the good ole days when you were a kid down on the farm, give Copper Creek Farm in Toquerville, UT, a look.

You will stay in the upper level of the home that can sleep five, and pets are welcome if you contact the owners to let them know first.

Come ready to feed the chickens and cows if you so wish, or if you just want to hang out on your balcony and take in the views, that’s fine too. You will only be 16 miles from Zion’s main entrance, and the conveniences of groceries or restaurants are less than 5 minutes away.

Wrapping It Up…

I can’t remember the last time Ashley and I stayed in a hotel, and hopefully, after reading about these unique places to stay near Zion National Park, you will start thinking outside the box as well.

With so much to do in Zion and the entire Southwest Utah area, countless adventures are waiting no matter which place you decide to stay!

Places like this yurt and tiny home are unique places to stay near zion

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